Hiya! I'm Monica.

One day I tweeted too much about sportsball and as Twitter penance I promised I would write a blog post about C++ protipz. I didn't have a blog, so here's one about things I find interesting, which may include, but not be limited to, squirrels.

I'm an Emojineer at Google, where I work on Polymer, and have probably at least once broken the Internet for you. Before this, I used to work on Chrome. Do you know that little button that has appeared in top right corner of your browser? Yeah, I did that. (Did you also know you can set its text to emoji? NOW YOU DO).

I do a lot of pretty silly side projects, mostly related to emoji. I also talk a bunch at conferences about serious topics, but only if they relate to cats, and will probably eat all of your Oreos, if you have any.

I have a GitHub AMA repo where you can ask me things, because I heard that's what the cool kids do nowadays. Or you can send me an email. Or both.

Because the internet is a big place, standard disclaimers about these being my views and not my employer's apply.

If you're a conference and you need a bio:

Monica works on Polymer, web components, and Chrome, and has probably at least once broken the Internet for you. She is unreasonably excited about emoji, wary of web fonts, and will become your best friend if you bring her cheese. On second thought, she may be a mouse.

If you need a image, I recommend this one