I'm a creative engineer who builds delightful web experiences. I can advise your company about the web platform, performance, creative user interactions, and usable machine learning.

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I made this little piece of art. It is randomly generated every time you refresh the page. You can also regenerate it however many times you want by clicking on it. Every art is new!

I've just ended an 8 year stint as a Senior Engineer at Google, where I worked on making music and art and all sorts of creative interactions with Machine Learning, web components and web standards, and the guts of Chromium. You can read a bit more about me and my past work. Most of my personal code is on GitHub or on Glitch.

I am available for freelance work in a consulting capacity, or as a tech advisor. If you would like to get in touch with me about working with you, email me and we'll chat!


I'm giving it a shot at writing weekly notes. You can browse the full archive, for as long as I manage to keep it up 😅. I also occasionally blog about tech things that I've learnt or enjoyed, though the frequency of posts has really decreased lately.

RSS feeds: the firehose | just the blog | just the weaknotes.


I build very small (but cute, I think!) side projects that are either an attempt at "art", or are a thing that I need in my life and can't find elsewhere (like, practicing ASL fingerspelling, ukulele chords, or uhhhh understanding time keeping in JavaScript).

I sometimes also give talks at conferences, though the pandemic has really thrown a wrench into that.