Week 1

I’ve been thinking for a while about setting this up, and this week seems as good as any. Both Alice and Frances have weekly updates that are a joy to read. Jenn has a live laugh blog. Maybe this is the year of long form tweets?

I haven’t touched my site in like 6+ months so when I tried to run jekyll locally it obviously didn’t work, so what you’re reading took like 40 commits on GitHub.

In work news, I’m coming back to Magenta after 6 months of being a fellow with the Trevor project. I lead a team that worked on classifying suicidal ideation for one of their projects. The work was super interesting (though often sad), and in a shocking development i really enjoyed being a team lead. I think that even though I’m really good at writing actual code, I’m also good at herding cats and holding a lot of statuses and details in my head. I was worried at the beginning of the fellowship that TLs don’t write any code and I would suddenly become a meeting chair, and even though I did have a ton of meetings, I also wrote a ton of code. I know it’s weird to hear a woman assert things she’s good at it. This is also a new thing I’m trying out. My notes, my rules!

In personal news, I’ve gotten really into broth-as-a-savoury-afternoon tea. I used to make a lot of miso (and drink it out of a cup; this part is key), but to add some variety in my life, this week I started boiling a bunch of vegetables during meetings and making my own broth. Anything for variety in the apocalypse, amirite.

Goldie moved in to my Animal Crossing island.

I am exclusively watching serial killer shows right now (Des, I’ll be gone in the dark, Ripper) which isn’t exactly off brand but might be a little TOO on brand, you know? That’s what I get for finishing Bridgerton in 2 days.

For my birthday in November my mum got me some new books of piano sheet music, so I’ve started playing some piano again. Before I moved to America, I used to play every day and be actually good at it, but much like with everything else I got really burnt out by the stress of “being good at a hobby” and started hating it. I think enough time has passed that I can give it a try again, and maybe I won’t be so intense this time. I’m currently trying to nail Bach’s Menuet in G. Here is my coworker playing around with it.

A lot of you JINXED this year like the jinxers you are because shit was looking good on Tuesday, and lo and behold by Wednesday the world was on fire again and I was sad and just watched the news in horror.

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