2017: another year in review

You can tell I hate writing year in reviews because this one is really, really late. I tend to hate bragging, and I definitely hate introspective and, in particular, I always think I am underperforming (and that’s fine). However, that’s usually not true, and writing a year in review forces me to see the awesome things I did, so even if I did end up underperforming, at least I can learn from that. That’s the whole point of post-mortems, right?

As usual, here’s life as GitHub saw it. Red text is projects I’ve shipped, black text is conferences I’ve spoken at. Technically I didn’t speak at Blinkon, but I spoke to people at it so hey, counting it.

2017 contribution graph with project and conferences markers

The reason why this post mortem is important to me is that before writing it, I literally thought this year was bad and I just “did fewer things”. But that’s not actually true!

I learnt how to skateboard. I saw one of my favourite bands in concert. I ordered a coffee entirely in Japanese. I learnt how to make mugs and bowls and bottles, with my hands. I made new friends, and I didn’t piss off any of my current ones (that I know of). I nuzzled dogs, and cats, and an otter. I still didn’t spoil Star Wars. I turned 32.

2017 instagram top nine

I don’t do resolutions because they don’t really work for me, but I heard a good one from a coworker: do 12 new things next year.

So, I will.


// also available: 2016 and 2015 years in review, that were actually on time.

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